University of Applied Sciences

New reader arrangement has become an Easy Access arrangement

Tuesday 02 March 2021

One of the advantages of the Easy-Access provision is that placing materials on Blackboard has become simpler. Until now, there was always a maximum number of words that could be copied. With the Easy Access this has been simplified and expanded to a maximum number of pages.

The agreement supersedes the current reader arrangement between Universities of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands and the Stichting Uitgeversorganisatie voor Onderwijslicenties (UVO). Through this agreement the copyright of sources that are used for teaching are partly bought. The Association of Universities of Applied Sciences agreed to this arrangement on the 4th of February.

The biggest changes to the reader arrangement are:

    • 50 pages (but now more then 25 % of a book) can be copied in readers, in the electronic learning environment, and yes, also in Teams without any fuss!
    • You will need permission for copying more than 50 pages, you can apply for the permission via the Copyright Information Point of the library: AIP.
    • The use of images in presentations has been doubled to a maximum of 50 (a maximum of 25 from 1 source and a maximum of 10 from the same author).

Please do not forget to still include a clear description of the source!

A more elaborate explanation of the new arrangement will follow and can then be found on the website of the library under the heading: “help with search and find”.

Should you have further questions, or should you wish to know more about the changes to the arrangement, please do contact us via e-mail: