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The CINAHL database contains references to articles from almost all nursing journals in english and a number of related fields, such as physiotherapy and speech therapy.

News database with business information including local, regional, national and international newspapers with archives.

Database with quotes from and links to full-text (bio) medical and lifescience journals.
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Database with online access to over 500 SAGE journals covering a wide range of subjects areas, including business humanities, social science, technology and medicine

NHL Stenden has access to the content of the last 10 years.

The full text database Science Direct published by Elsevier contains articles covering a wide range of subject areas, including Physical Sciences and Engineering, Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Business, Management and Accounting, Economics and Finance, Psychology and Social Sciences.

NHL Stenden* has access to the content of the last 5 years.

* For people using Science Direct (from Elsevier) in combination with a personalized profile, this profile can disappear when logging into Science Direct through SurfConext. This is caused by the removal of the possibility to login using the NHL Hogeschool institution. In the future only the NHL Stenden (NHL Stenden University) institution is granted access. If you have lost your profile due to this change, you can re-link the profile using the following instructions.
If you experience issues with this, please contact the library:

Citation index and research platform


Online versions of many books of great scientific publishers. The database includes e-books in almost all academic disciplines

Repository of content from more than 250 publishers supported with innovative technologies and tools.

Notice: access the database by expanding the 'Select your institution' menu, clicking 'Not listed? Click here' (top) and then enter your NHL Stenden mail address.

Encyclopedias and dictionaries

The Encyclopedia Britannica is a general knowledge English-language encyclopedia. Includes also Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Thesaurus, Britannica Student Encyclopedia en the Britannica Book of the Year

NEN Connect is NEN's online standards management tool.
Standard available in NEN Connect: the core assortment
•All the Dutch standards (NEN, NPR, NTAM, HKZ)
•All in the Netherlands adopted European and international standards (NEN-EN, NEN-EN-ISO, NEN-ISO, NEN-EN-IEC and NEN-IEC)
•All the international standards (ISO and IEC)
•NEN’s practical guides
•Publication series on Hazardous Substances (PGS)

Online access to the Oxford English Dictionary

Online access to Van Dale Dictionaries Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Swedish


Statistics of social and economic nature of macroeconomic indicators such as economic growth and consumer prices , the income situation of individuals and households in the Netherlands

Statistical data of the Statistical Office of the European Union in Luxembourg. The data enables comparisons between countries and regions and may be used by other governments, businesses, educational and journalists

The OECD i-Library is the doorway to the full-text of books and journals from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development on a wide range of topics in economics, political science, environmental studies, energy, education, social sciences and health. OECD i-library user guide

Dissertations and research

Theses, studies, qualifying reports, papers and articles from students, lecturers and associate professors of the Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands

Gives access to the national scientific researchoutput of all Dutch universities, a couple of research institutes, the KNAW(Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) and the NWO (The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research). The content consists of publications, research output, doctoral e-theses and lists of publications of prominent researchers

Management tool for the sharing of research publications . With information on authors, journals , theses and research trends in various areas


Website with information about and from all government organizations in the Netherlands

Website of the courts , the Administrative High Court, Court of appeal, The Council for the Judiciary and the Supreme Court of the Netherlands


Information literacy course

Online access to 32 training videos from Video Arts. Some of the subjects are: communication skills, feedback, management, motivation, teamwork, meetings and sales