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Borrowing, renewing and reserving

As a student or staff member of NHL Stenden you can borrow books for free from the libraries of the Dutch campuses. You can use your student or staff card for this. Renewing and reserving can be done at the counter or online, by logging into the catalogue with your NHL Stenden cardnumber and password (first three letters from your last name).

Borrowing and renewing

    • You may have a maximum of 12 books in your possession
    • You can only renew a book if it isn’t reserved. You can only renew online if you are on time and have no outstanding fines


In the library at the Leeuwarden campus and on Terschelling, you can use the self-service desk where you can borrow and return books by yourself (returns can also take place out of hours).

    • You will find the self-service desk near the entrance to the Library, across from the lending desk and the self-service borrowing desk at the exit on Kennisplein in Leeuwarden
    • First scan the barcode on your library card and then use the device to register the materials you want to borrow. A ticket will be automatically printed, listing what you have borrowed and when it is due back. The user instructions are displayed on the machine
    • You cannot borrow all material from the self-service desk. DVDs and CDs with a secured cover must be unlocked by a library staff member. You will also need to go to the lending desk for anything from the collection of the School of Graduate Studies (SGS)

Loan periods

    • White: 3 weeks
    • Purple: 1 week
    • Blue: same day return
    • Red: only to be used in the library; these books cannot be borrowed

One day before the due date, you will receive an email reminder.

Fines for overdue books

    • Books with a blue label: € 5 per book per day
    • Other books: € 0.20 per book per day

If you have more than € 10 in unpaid fines, we will block your library card. Once you have paid the fine and returned the book, you will be able to borrow books again. If you lose a book, we will send you an invoice for the purchase of a new copy.


If the book you want to borrow is out on loan, you can reserve it. If there are multiple copies of the title, we advise you to reserve all copies that are out on loan, as we do not know which will be returned first.

You will receive an email when your reserved book is available. You will have seven days to pick up the reserved title.

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